Halal Meat

Because We Care

At NJ GROCERIES, we only work with suppliers who handle and treat Animals in a humane manor and according to British Halal Guideline.

We want to give our customers the Finest cuts of Meat, one that will keep them coming back to our store time and time again.

Beef: Beef Shoulder, Beef Briskets, Tender Beef Boneless, Beef Ribs, Beef Shanks, Beef Steaks, and many more 

Mutton: Mutton Shoulder, Mutton Stomach, Mutton Leg, Mutton Chops, Mutton Shank, and many more 

Lamb: Lamb Shank, Lamb Leg, Lamb Chop, Lamb Back Chop, Lamb Shoulder, and many more

Chicken: Baby Chicken, Breast, Boneless, drumsticks and many more 

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