Continental Fish & Produce

World at your reach

Our network reaches to the corners of the world to ensure you have the world on your doorstep.

Our fruit and vegetable is the first of the season, so you’ll get it before everyone else. Fresh and seasonal makes everything look, smell, taste and last better.

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Meat & Produce

We work with local farmers to bring fresh produce from picking to our shelves within hours to guarantee its freshness.

Fresh fruits and vegetables to Meat and Poultry, let's support our farmers.


Fish & Produce

A large range of our fish, prawns and king prawns, whether fresh or frozen are imported directly from Bangladesh. There is no middleman which, means its fresh and affordable for our customers.

We also have a fresh selection of produce which is imported from Bangladesh so you can cook truly authentic home dishes.

South Asia

Produce & Spice

You can almost taste the Indian sun in every bite of the our exotic range of fruit and vegetable. We also have the full Range of spices and herbs from India so you are never too far from creating unique flavours with a true blend of homemade spice.